Who should I invite to my wedding?

Brides and Grooms head down the isle knowing they will make vows to support and love each other for the rest of their lives. Guests know they will be witnesses to these vows. But did you know that the guests make vows, too?  During a traditional wedding ceremony, this line is spoken by the officiant: Will all of you witnessing these promises do all in your power to uphold these two persons in their marriage? The guests are expected to answer robustly, “We will!”   This vow is one you will want to keep in mind as you create your wedding guest list. Who among your friends will take this vow seriously? Who among your invitees is worthy to even answer this question? Who will be there ten years or thirty years from now, to support you and the new family you are about to create? 

When you hear a bride say her wedding was the best day of her life, it is not likely because the DJ was so good, or the cake was so pretty. It is most likely because she, her new husband and her family were surrounded that day with only people who loved them. Weddings are a unique opportunity to gather only those who smile at your approach, only those who have loved you since they met you. When you are creating your wedding guest list, be sure to make the most of this rare opportunity.  From your guest list weave your safety net. With your invitations, create for yourself a circle of love.