Weekend Reservation

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Weekend Reservation


The weekend rental allows you two full days at The Elms - all day Friday & all day Saturday!  This includes time for decorating, time for your rehearsal & even for your rehearsal dinner!  The Elms is also yours all day Saturday where you & your wedding party can prepare for your ceremony & reception.  The Elms does all the set up and all the clean up. This package includes tables, chairs & tablecloths for 100 guests. 

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The Venue
The Elms was built in 1836 and is listed on the Alabama registry of historic buildings.  It is located in the beautiful countryside of Coosada, Alabama, on a lovely street, lined with old oak trees hanging heavy with Spanish moss. The home sits among nearly sixty acres of undeveloped land, yet it is only fifteen minutes from downtown Montgomery.   

Available for you at The Elms - The following are available to you when you reserve The Elms for your Saturday event: 

  • All day Friday for set-up & decoration plus all day Saturday, until midnight. 
  • Friday evening for your wedding rehearsal and rehearsal dinner 
  • Indoors:  Parlors, Dining Room, Kitchen, Sun Porch, Powder Room, Bride’s Dressing Room & Bathroom upstairs, Groom’s Dressing Room downstairs.
  • Outdoors:  1+ acre back lawn, parking area for up to 400 guests
  • Pavilion: The wedding pavilion sits on the back lawn and is 40 feet wide and 60 feet long. It has a small kitchen and two bathrooms (one is wheel chair accessible). The pavilion is lit with rope lighting, has power outlets, free wireless access and a speaker system which can connect to a laptop or iPhone. It has a concrete floor, and is open on three sides.  
  • Set-Up & Clean-Up:  The staff at The Elms manages the set up & break down of all your tables and chairs.

The following are also included when you reserve The Elms for your event: 

  •     100 chairs:  White folding chairs, with padded seats 
  •     Ten 60-inch round tables (seats up to 9 people)
  •     Four 8-foot long banquet tables
  •     White, floor length linens for the tables provided by The Elms. 

    All items listed above are available as part of your rental of The Elms. There is no additional fee to use the tables and chairs.  The Elms does not provide glass ware, serving dishes, arches, etc. You may rent these at a local party supply facility and have them delivered to The Elms for your event. If you require more tables or chairs than The Elms provides, those must also be rented and delivered to The Elms.

The Bride’s Room & Groom’s Ready Room
The bride’s room and a private bathroom are located on the second floor of The Elms. The Bride’s room is a large bedroom with a bed, sofa, armoire and a very large mirror.  The back parlor is reserved for the men prior to the wedding. It is fully furnished with a comfortable furniture and ample room for the men to get dressed and relax before the wedding. There is also a big-screen television in the parlor, should the groom and his friends wish to watch a game while they get ready for the ceremony.  

On-Site Preparation
The Elms will set up all chairs and tables for your event, in the configuration and location you desire.  Set-up of tables and chairs is done the day prior to a wedding, before the time of the ceremony rehearsal. The Elms staff will only set up tables and chairs; all decorating is the responsibility of the wedding party or Event Decorator. Wedding parties or event participants may decorate the day prior to the wedding.  The staff at The Elms will not be responsible for meeting with vendors, or receiving any items for delivery, unless you have reserved the services of the Event Coordinator or Event Decorator.  A wedding party representative must be present at all times that vendors are present at The Elms. 

Rental Equipment Delivery
The Elms’ staff must be notified in advance of the time and date of deliveries. The Elms’ staff must be present for deliveries, if items will be delivered inside the house. Your event coordinator, or one of your wedding party representatives, must be present at the time all deliveries are made. Your event representatives are not required to be present when rental equipment is retrieved, following your event.  

Caterers are required to bring all of their own supplies. Nothing will be provided by The Elms. This includes, but is not limited to, serving items, pots, pans, coolers, ice, utensils and linens. Caterers may not utilize any of the dishes, utensils, linens, serving items or glassware belonging to The Elms. Caterers may utilize the microwave, oven and stove. Caterers may deliver food or supplies one day prior to the event for storage at The Elms, at no additional charge. There are two empty, standard refrigerators with freezers in the pavilion kitchen. They may be used for storage one day prior to your event. The Elms does not have an ice machine.   If a professional catering service is not being used, and catering staff will not be provided, you will be required to hire a server from The Elms to manage your buffet. 

Alcoholic Beverages
Alcoholic beverages may be served during events at The Elms.  Event organizers are required to ensure that guests are not over-served, that only those of legal drinking age are served alcohol, that inebriated guests do not drive home, and that any irresponsible behavior is prevented. Professional bartenders and bartending companies are strongly recommended.

Entertainment, either live or DJ, may be provided during events at The Elms.  Music outdoors must cease by 10:00 pm.   If Musicians or DJs intend to put speakers any distance from the house or pavilion, they will need to provide their own large-diameter extension cords, at least fifty feet long. Extension cords will be required if providing music or a microphone for the ceremony. The Elms does not provide extension cords.

Bridal or Engagement Photos
If you have reserved The Elms for your wedding and/or wedding reception, there is no fee for having your bridal portrait or engagement photos taken at The Elms.  If you have not reserved The Elms for your event, the fee is $50 per hour on site.  The Elms will provide the venue only. You must schedule and pay the photographer and coordinate any other details. The Bride’s Room is available during photo shoots for changing clothes or having hair and make-up done. 

You and your vendors are only required to take with you what you brought to The Elms. This includes all decorations and personal items. The Elms is responsible for cleaning and and putting away all tables and chairs.  All personal items should be removed from The Elms by midnight the day of the the event. 

Site Departure
All event participants, including catering staff, vendors, cleaning staff, musicians and wedding participants, must leave the grounds by midnight the day of the event.  Your party may extend beyond midnight for an additional fee.  The fee for having wedding party participants (guests, vendors, family) on site beyond midnight is $150 per hour. If you have not previously reserved an event extension, this fee will be removed from your security deposit.   

Not Allowed
There is a very small, but important list of items not allowed at The Elms.  Evidence of these items may result in the loss of your security deposit: Confetti of any type, indoors or outdoors; Glitter; Firearms; Illicit Drugs

Reserve Your Date
A $500 non-refundable deposit must be provided to hold your date. The amount of the deposit will be included as pre-payment toward the total invoice. All payments are non-refundable.

Payment Schedule
After payment of your deposit, your remaining fees will be divided into monthly payments. The Elms will provide monthly e-mailed invoices to you, starting the month after you pay your deposit.  You may pay by cash, check, credit card or with PayPal.  All payments must be made thirty days prior to your event.  If you have reserved The Elms within thirty days of your event, all payments must be made within one week of your event.  Failure to make any of the payments on time may result in the cancellation of your event at The Elms.  All payments are non-refundable.  Different payment options (for example, monthly over the course of year) can also be easily arranged. 

Event Managers
The Elms staff will be present at every event. Our Event Managers answer questions, help where needed, clear tables and empty trash cans & cut and serve wedding cake. This service is included for all events with fewer than 200 guests. For larger events , The Elms requires an additional Event Manager for every additional 50 guests, and the fee for that is $150 per Event Manager. The Event Managers do not assist caterers nor do they manage buffet tables with self-catered events. The Elms can provide Servers to fill that role, if needed. 

Servers assist caterers, or assist you when you or your guests are catering an event yourselves. They will manage buffet tables by keeping them clean and well-stocked, they can assist with the preparation and delivery of food to buffet tables, and they can assist with clean up. They do not assist with cooking.  Servers are required if you will not be using a professional catering service with catering staff.   Servers are present one hour before an event begins and one hour after it ends. They are provided at $20 per hour, per server. 

Events with 200 guests or more will require parking attendants, which will require an additional fee of $80.  There is reserved parking at the pavilion for our guests with limited mobility.  Vendors are asked to deliver to the pavilion or house then move their vehicles to the vendor parking area just beside the pavilion.  There is also a specially designated parking area in front of the house for the wedding party.